Austin Restaurants

Austin is home to many top restaurants that serve sumptuous dishes that are universally accepted. The residents herein as well as the new entrants enjoy the unique manner of cookeries that are domiciled in this city. Once you step in here, whether you will focus towards the south or the north, you cannot go hungry neither can you miss nutritious meals that are affordable and used by people of all ages.

Franklin barbecue

This is located at the East of the city. If you come into this hotel anytime past 10 am, you will find some very long queues. By the time it hits 1 p.m., the waiters here have exhausted that had been cooked and anyone else on the line is allowed to leave and they are asked to come another day. This is a frustration to many. Franklin Barbecue has been a major attraction in the city and the smoked meat is one of the best dishes that they prepare here. The food is delicious in an incredible manner and the ribs of turkey herein are made in an exceptional manner.

Barley Swine

Bryce Gilmore, a chef who is talented in a superb manner, was employed by San Francisco. This was before he was taken over by Odd Duck Farm and later taken by Trailer which came to be closed at a later date. Gilmore prefers to work in any open kitchen, and in Barley Swine, he has changed the manner in which food is prepared and served. He has some plates which are very small and they are all used to serve the delicious meals that he prepares from his talented hands of a chef. His combination of salads, Marcona almonds, as well as vinaigrette are some of the dishes that you will not like to miss. All these are prepared on an open kitchen.

Second Bar and Kitchen

The Condo building that has over 50 stories has made business easy and many people have accepted the business presented by this uniquely made kitchen and bar. The dining scene of the hotel is a wonder among many. The starring chef, David Bull, is the man in charge of the drinking establishments and eating areas. A large space of eating is located on the ground floor and this includes the Congress, which is a chic hotel that has been accepted by all and sundry. Second Bar and Kitchen is a playful restaurant that has all offer of mealsregardless of the time you step in. The chefs here are very creative and they do not just prepare meals for the sake of it. The pizza served in Second Bar and Kitchen does not match any other. Lovers of pizza flock in here as early as possible so as to do away with the last minute disappointments. The eating space is very comfy and can accommodate as many people as over a hundred and fifty. This means that the make delicious food that keeps all these clients coming and asking for more day in day out. Moreover, they offer some tasty wines and other soft drinks after meals.

9 Spots That Serve Fresh, Fast and Healthy Food in Austin

Have you been trying to eat in a healthy manner and you have little or no time to cook the meal that you need? This article presents with a list and description of restaurants that serve some of the best meals that will make your health improve in a great manner. In this area of Austin, you will find that it will be easy to walk or drive back home since the hotels here offer healthy foods that will give you all the nutrients that you need.

Inka Chicken

You are in deep envy of many people if your place of work is North Austin. The envy is not based on the fat pay cheque that you receive every end month but also because of the many hotels that prepare nice and healthy meals. Inka Chicken is one such hotel that has very nice chicken that has made in a traditional manner making it to be a preference of many.

The foods here in Inka chicken are properly seasoned, lip smacking, and healthier than most options in other areas. It is at Inka where you can drive through and have your meal. Moreover, you may also walk in and have your meals since they are known to be very fast in preparation and serving their meals especially lunch.


The area in the downtown is another option since Koriente offers a great option for many. The delicious meals are prepared in a faster manner. You are free to offer a bowl of nodules that have been smashed with sashimi, order deep fried chicken and fish, and some fried eggs. These are meals that you can either order to eat in here or have them wrapped for taking at home or in the office. You can also access some sweet potatoes and rice prepared with medallions. Medallions are chewy balls that are so delicious that they leave some smooth feeling on your hands and the smell is just amazing. If you pop in for lunch here, they will offer you some soup and salad as you wait for the main course. However, you may also save on your time if you just order and pick later.

Tarka Indian Kitchen

It will be a thrilling experience once you decide to visit Tarka Indian Kitchen whether for lunch or any other meal. They prepare Indian food in a faster manner and they are almost synonymous with Clay Pit. This is a well know Indian restaurant that has found its base of operation in the area adjacent the UT campus. Tarka is located on two areas – Brode ini South Austin and Anderson Lake on North Austin.

You need to taste the food here. The people who serve here are very fast and they ensure that you have all that you need in the shortest time possible. You can also call and place your orders. There are a host of varieties to choose from and you will be excited to choose from them. garlic is common in almost all the meals.

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