Exploring Culinary Diversity In Austin

The enchanting Capital city of Austin in Texas is famous for its diverse cuisines apart from the Tex-Mex and Mexican delicacies like tacos, barbecues and briskets. From upscale restaurants to food trucks and barbecue joints –Austin has become a metropolis for cuisines in the USA.

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Signature Texas Barbecue

Being the capital of Texas has aided Austin be familiar with four types of Texas barbecues –marinated brisket of beef with slow-cooked meat from eastern Texas, smoked meat over mesquite-wood fire from western Texas, thick marinade like molasses from southern Texas and seasoned, spiced and smoked ribs and briskets over wood fire from central Texas. Homemade sausage served alongside is another delicacy. To taste different types of barbecues, you can visit the famous Franklin Barbecue in East Austin or Lamberts in Downtown (famous for coffee-and-sugar rubbed brisket with coriander and maple encrusted ribs) or the Salt Lick on southwestern Austin.


Micklethwait Craft Meats is another offbeat barbecue spot where you will find a mixture of barbecue joint and food truck. Enjoy having sliced pork, beef ribs and succulent brisket with jalapeno cheese grits and lemon poppy coleslaws. Kerlin BBQ is an understated trailer where you will find meats smoked in pecan wood fire. Kolaches with stuffing of cheddar cheese and brisket are famous here.


Roadside Food Trucks

While reflecting the culinary and cultural diversity of Texas and entrepreneurial spirit, the food trucks of Texas are popular due to their unique menu and affordable cost. Often parked near music venues, bars and in the downtown areas, the East Side King trucks have branches set up in five locations across the city such as Whistler’s on East 6th, Hole in The Wall in Guadalupe etc. The inventive Asian-Texan fusion menu such as inasal tacos filled with lime-marinated chicken, pepper, vinegar and lime and crispy chicken skin is famous here along with the beet fries and ramen.

Keep your eyes open for the food truck of Chi’lantro that visits different neighborhoods and offer Korean barbecue, marinated bulgogi, soy-glazed chicken and kimchi fries. Another famous food truck, The Peached Tortilla can enthrall you with the eclectic menu items ranging from Belgian fries to tacos, Bahn Mi to Pad Thai etc.



Fine Dining At Restaurants

Celebrity restaurant owner and Chef Tyson Cole has not only started food truck venture with Paul Qui but also started his Sushi restaurants Uchiko and Uchi in Austin. You can enjoy Texan-Japanese fusion dishes at his restaurants. Another restaurant, Qui is famous for Asian-European fusion dishes like Gazpacho that is made of Pedro Ximénez gelée, foie gras and marcona almond or the delicious Texas Wagyu Short Rib served with braised daikon, kimchi broth, wasabi, leek and radish.

The Austin Food and Wine Festival can be a great way to explore different food trucks serving delicious menu from round the state and beyond. From nutty-flavored coffee to Doro Wat, there is something for every tastebud!


List Of Austin’s Best New Restaurants

Austin, in general, is well known for its tasty BBQ and taco joints which are world-wide famous. In addition to being known as a renowned music town, Austin has become a great place for a wide variety of food offered.

Over the years, many styles of restaurants have been opened that offers delicious Asian, Italian, Mexico delicacies.

You can explore Austin’s Best New Restaurants before opting to visit a restaurant based on your choice.

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Otherside Deli

The Otherside Deli offers excellent out of the world Pastrami as well as corned beef sandwiches.

The Otherside Deli offers excellent out of the world Pastrami as well as corned beef sandwiches. Specifically, these dishes have received wonderful reviews from the food lovers and tourist who visit Austin. This is primarily a breakfast and lunch spot that serves excellent tasty delicacies.

Many people enjoy the thinly sliced delicacy that is grilled carefully with eggs on the bagel. This has been the most famous breakfast dish that is served at Otherside Deli.

In addition, the restaurant also serves other types of breakfast sandwiches, tasty pastrami, and cheddar cream cheese. Great deals are provided for a variety of hot and cold deli subs.

Uncle Nicky’s

People who prefer Italian delicacies must visit Uncle Nicky’s restaurant when at Austin. The restaurant offers enormous options for the bread-based dishes. It ranges from the delicious pane tostatos, the whipped salt cod and also yummy pastries.

This is one of the newly opened Northern Italian cafes in Austin. Sandwiches are a must try when you visit the cafe.

The trademark delicacy has been the famous ‘What’s Ndjua’ Calabria sausage and the spicy gorgonzola on the bread. The prices of the delicacies served is nominal. In addition, the eight different anti-pastry, salads attract many people.

Bar Peached

The brilliant fusion of the Asian- Southern street food and the Tex-Mex make it a must try restaurant when you are in Austin.

This is a famous restaurant in Austin that is known for excellent delicious Asian-Southern food. The fusion menu is the highlight of this restaurant. Some of the trademark fusion dishes include the spicy tasty mapo bolognese and tacos filled with cauliflower or the crispy pork.

The fusion menu offered by this restaurant is widely appreciated by people all over the world.

This restaurant is one of the latest additions to the peached tortilla concepts.

Cocktails, the crab toast, and the shrimp mix are the other stand out dishes served. The brilliant fusion of the Asian- Southern street food and the Tex-Mex make it a must try restaurant when you are in Austin.


This is a completely Latin-inspired restaurant that has received great reviews from people. It has a very interesting, unique and delicious range of dishes served for the dinner. Some of the trademark delicacies offered in this restaurant include the scallop and spicy shrimp ceviche that is served neatly in the yellow aguachile.

Another highlight feature of this restaurant is their generous happy hour that takes place every day from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. During this time, people can get a 5$ house cocktail as well as half-off of snacks.

Other tasty dishes offered include the seared beef tenderloin that is provided with creamy jasmine rice.

Tio Pepe Chicken

This is a well-known restaurant situated in Austin that is well known for its Portuguese style grilling techniques.

This is a well-known restaurant situated in Austin that is well known for its Portuguese style grilling techniques. Many people visit this restaurant to taste the delicious Tio Pepe chicken that is grilled with the renowned peri-peri sauce following the Portuguese style.

This restaurant serves the customers with an excellent range of grilled chicken along with the sides based on the preferences of the customers. In addition, the restaurant also offers the customers a very interesting set of desserts based on the choice provided by the customer.

Perfectly paired sides with the chicken along with a wide variety of peri-peri sauces is definitely a highlight of this restaurant.


This is an excellent place that provides a great delicious mix of delicacies to its customers. This upscale restaurant is situated in a completely stunning space. The dishes offered follows the Mexican style. Some of the prominent dishes served here include the extremely rich bone manner with the smoked butter and also the Mexican hoja santa-pexam gremolata with tortillas.

People who crave to taste the Mexican style dishes must definitely visit this restaurant. Desserts offered here are rich and extremely delicious.

Some of the famous restaurants offering a good range of delicious delicacies along with their trademark dishes are described above. People in Austin and visitors to the place must definitely explore the new restaurants in Austin based on their preferences to have a splendid experience at the restaurants.

Local Restaurant Where You Can Get Foreign Menu

Traveling to an international destination is often a great way to enjoy a holiday irrespective of how short or long it may be. But, the choice of a holiday destination always matters. When you choose a wrong destination, you risk ruining your entire holiday. Your chances of ending up satisfied as the holiday draws to a close would be very slim. There are generally three issues that are worth bearing in mind when choosing a holiday destination.

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First of all, there is accommodation. Secondly, there is the list of activities you can engage in while you are in that particular part of the world. The last and arguably the most important is the kind of food that you will come across in that region of the world. For people who are averse to traveling, this is obvious. The food plays a huge role in making a holiday worthwhile. There are even some people who would travel to far-flung locations in a bid to sample the foods that such locations have to offer.

What You Have To Bear In Mind

But, there is no need to go very far to get anywhere close to sampling some of the best international treats that are known today. Suppose you are in the US and you love sampling international treats, you will actually be thrilled to learn that there are countless eateries across the US which boast of a wide range mouth-watering international treats. You can do well to visit one of them. What is worth bearing in mind is the fact that almost every state in the US is home to amazing eating places which serve international menus of various kinds.

Are There Any Limits?

Frankly, there are limits to the number of international dishes that you can find in the US. But, it is actually comforting to know that the most widespread and most recognized international menus can be found across the US. There are Chinese, Italian, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese and even Mexican dishes among others that you can find in the US irrespective of the state you are in.