1. Why is Austin best place to live in US?

The city of Texas named Austin is fastest growing city amongst fifty largest cities in US. The city is surrounded by lakes, waterways and rivers. The city has a beautiful climate which is much better than any other cities in US. The climate is very long, warm and hot summers and mild and short winters. The economy of the city is also really strong and due to the University in Austin new helping hands joining the economy of the city. The city being a high tech city the city is listed to be best city for career and business. The city has life as people here do not live just to earn, it has rich culture where in people celebrate festivals and enjoy music. It is also known as “Music capital of the World”.

  1. What are the annual cultural events organised in Austin?

The cultural events include OHenry Pun-off, Eeyore’s Birthday party, Reggae festival, Gay Pride, Craft Brewers Festival, Kite festival, Art City, Carnival Brasileiro and East Austin studio Tour. In the Sixth Street the annual festivals like Pecan Street Festival and Halloween night are also celebrated. The city has a rich culture and people are jolly who love enjoying music and life both.

  1. Why is the city known as “Music Capital of the world”?

The city has got live music scene happening all around of the streets of Austin. The music in the city revolves around 6th street and the night clubs and there is an annual music festival celebrated as well known to be South of Southwest. The restaurant, music venues and bars are major attraction for live music played in there. There are number of musical festivals organised in the city throughout the year making it to be a hub of music lovers and finally the Live Music Capital of the World.

  1. What are the major points of interest in the city?

Texas Memorial Museum, Bob Bullock Texas History Museum, Contemporary Austin, Blanton Museum of Art, Elisabet Ney Museum and Harry Ransom centre an art gallery are one of the most famous places to visit in the city. Then the arts displayed in circus and food streets also attract the people to come and visit the city and many a time choose to live here.

  1. What are the parks and recreation centres in Austin?

The city is having more than 50 swimming pools that are spread throughout the city. Barton Springs Pool the largest natural swimming pool is also situated in Austin. Hippie Hollow Park is famous for rockclimbing, swimming, kayaking, exploring, Mountain biking and hiking. Some naturally forming holes along greenbelts in Austin include Twin falls, Cambell’s Hole and Sculpture Falls.

  1. Does the city attract students as well?

Central Connecticut State University has given 16th position to Austin as one of the most literate city in the US. The city is reach not only of culture but also of libraries and literature. University of Texas-Austin is having 7th largest library in US.

A Few Words

Austin capital of Texas in US is known to be 11th highly populated city in whole of the US and 4th in Texas. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in US and second largest capital in US. The city has major attraction of lakes, waterways and rivers. It is economic and cultural centre of Round Rock area. The residents of the city are commonly known to be Austinities. The city people involved in diverse profession including Government Employee, Musicians, Blue Collar employees, high-tech employee. Due to number of musicians, music halls and venue in the city and TV musical Series CITY LIMITS the city is considered to be Music Capital.Austinities have taken a slogan as a desire to ensure protection of small, local and unique business from being dominated by large companies and corporation in the nation. Due to colourful lights after sunset around the hills the city was once known to be “City Of Violet Crown”.

Austin is considered to have humid climate that means it has got long and hot summer and traditional and warm season, with mild and short winters. The city amounts to have a GDP of $ 86 as recorded in year 2010. Numerous amount of employees from computer science and engineering programs from Texas’s University acts to be source to employment in the nation that helps the steady growth of defence and technology industry. The city is recognised to have 85 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Except all this Austin is estimated to have a network of unique, independent organisation and firms owned locally.

The city is famous for its annual event commonly named as Henry Pun-off organised by museum known as Henry house. Other famous events are Spamarama, Eeyore’s Birthday Party, Austin Reggae Festival, Gay pride, Craft Brewers Festival, Art City, East Austin studio tour and so on. The city is famous for its music and music is commonly a part of nightclubs and annual interactive festival.

The city is also famous for its museums that include Memorial Museum, Contemporary Austin, Blanton Museum and the galleries situated at Harry Ransome. The art products produced locally are displayed in South Austin Museum. The city has also got many landmarks and statues. One of the major attractions is Free-tailed bats. Beginning from the march these bats around 1.5 million of them enjoy their residence in the expansion of bridges and horizon grooves, as the environment is best suited for them for raising their babies.

The city is governed by 11 members of city council and this council is managed by city manager. The laws for governance are given by Police Department, which did not apply for government buildings as they were under Department of Public Safety. The city has got liberal politics as compared to other conservative state. The city is blend of suburban conservatism and downtown liberalism.

Overall the city is mixture of tradition, art, music, education and politics. Great place to explore new things and ideas with open minded and artistic people all around.